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Now looking for help with programing!!

2009-01-09 23:49:03 by solidusliquisol

Hey all! I now got the help I needed, and I hope to collaborate with him (bayowolfe) and get the game together and finished. Look for SCREWBALL and another game we are also working on!

I have come up with a concept for a game I am calling SCREWBALL and I need some serious help! Firstly, the idea for the game is this, you control the charater Screwball, which it literally a screw and a ball and basic idea is that the game is played on a 'puzzle field' and you have to figure out how to get from the spawn point to the exit using screw and ball combined abilities! The screw activates and deactivates mechanical stuff so that the ball (which is like a beach ball BTW) can get to places that either power other mechanical stuff(like a conveyor belt or a steel gate), so they help each other to get to the end of the stage. I have the full concept written out so if you want to know more and think you can help me, we can get together and make this happen, because I really feel that this game can be a big hit if pulled off just right!! Thanks for comming by and I hope to hear from someone soon!


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