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Entry #5

Trying to find a good game programer!

2009-03-10 19:19:00 by solidusliquisol

I have been working very hard at making a game, but since I have no idea how to program OR use flash, I would like to extend a hello and please help me to whomever would like to take on this challenge. I have a lot of art and the concept down. The idea is that your character is 2-fold, and you can use one to open new paths or help get the other character across dangers. This character however, helps out by activating power switches to and gates so the other character can do things around the level. This is a puzzle field based game and I have other ideas that expand on the original concept. There are power ups, platforming sections and more! Please IM me if interested. Only serious replies please!


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2011-03-28 21:51:08

wanna be friends