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movie is not a great use of time, consider something else.

strategy guide just got owned.

man, i was wondering.....

how Vegeta ever got to Super Saiyan levels....I always thought it was cause he got his ass handed to him and he recovered. Now I know it was cause of a massive fap session. Thanks for clearing that up!

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Not a terrible game by any means, but a short one. Which means because of the way it plays, thru remembering where and how to advance, the game becomes a chore of repetitivness quickly. I liked hat there were different ways the levels played out and how you use the gamer instinct of "i see it, so I must grab it" mentality, which has to do with the endings. I wish this were longer, with larger levels to try to get past. I can only reccomend this game for the points you can earn for your profile on Newgrounds. Sorry.

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Great game!

I like the replay potential and the overall game mechanics. There isnt really nothing bad I can say about the game, awesome job!

On a side note, I dont think I will ever know what the good dr who overthrew my lab was up to, but from the few things that sprouted up, it coulndnt of been good.

Almost got to the helicopter too, had to reclaim the hospital in front of it, but then I got the new constitution ending. oh well, another try!

pretty cool, played til the complete end.

There was only one thing I would of loved to of seen be upgraded....BOSSES!! This game needed them badly.

TIP: Even by not completely upgrading, if you mass your guns together, it takes out most enemies. (BY THIS, I MEAN YOU CLUSTER THEM TOGETHER, NOT ON TOP OF ONE ANOTHER)Couple that with the lightening and missles and you become a death dealer, all without complete upgrading. This should get you thru at least12 levels or so, after that, there are too many of the higher HP enemies that this will not work without completely upgrading.

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This song is great!

Here's why, I could totally see this music playing for the end cinematics of a Zelda game, so right away, that makes this priceless!

I really like this, it's very upbeat!

I really liked listening to this, but something occured to me...the song started to sound a little castlevania-ey...especially near the guitar solo where everything stops, but then it goes right into Zelda again. Im not dissing in any way, just making an obsevation. Still, I admit its freak'n awesome!

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this would be good if it didnt suck so hard.

i have seen better 3rd grader drawings with more potential than this turd.

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This is epic!

I wonder if Brian Cranston will ever find out you drew him in his pasty white undies!!

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JohnnyUtah responds:

i pray he does every night

Funniest shit....ever!

Come to think of it, I mean, Bowser DID have a lot of time with the good ol' Princess, this was BOUND to happen!! Poor Mario Bros, always risking their lives to save a princess only to find that she was getting some beastiality booty the whole time...LOL

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I am a sucker for sprite movies. mainly cause its interesting to see what people will/can do with characters from the past that we love and remember dearly(or not so). I also appreciate good animations from time to time too(Final Fantasy A++ is awesome!)

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